Nature OM

The Villas and Kasas of Nature OM consume zero net energy and, in fact, produce more energy than they consume! These homes emit less greenhouse gases, and provide free energy for the home and car if you drive hybrid or electric, and that means no monthly energy bill! Additionally, each location is carefully chosen according to view (ocean and mountain), sound and visual intimacy.

Drawing from broad experience with accoustics, EGS Design develops an environment where noise pollution is minimized. The choice, composition, and arrangement of materials are all factors which are designed to make the space quiet and cozy.

Solar energy

To capture energy from the sun, photovoltaic panels are installed on the roof. The induced current is then preserved thanks to a compact system of the latest generation of lithium batteries : Tesla’s Powerwall 2. This system also serves to recharge your car if you drive a hybrid or fully electric car.

Superior thermal insulation

The materials chosen for the construction of each home’s components offer significantly better thermal insulation and moisture barriers than standard construction materials. The materials used in our projects also have higher resistance to seismic shocks than industry standards. The air conditioning system is programmed to maintain a constant humidity level inside the home depending on the owner’s desired comfort level. The system also features a filtration option to remove allergen particles for cleaner air.

Natural light and shade

An abundance of fenestration is an essential part of our architectural vision for Costa Rica. A symbiotic integration of our homes and their natural surroundings accentuates the flow of indoor and outdoor living spaces. LED lighting with appropriate color temperature is utilized to complement the functionality of each space. Cantilevered roofs work in concert with the architecture to provide natural shade and cooler areas.


  • Solid and sustainable construction
  • Constant optimal comfort
  • Environmentally friendly way of living
  • Reduced electricity consumption and costs
  • Modern and timeless architecture
  • Profitable and sustainable investment